Wissel/ Cajlan/ Nillesen @ Kunststation St. Peter, Cologne dec 6th 2017


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New Season


After this years summer break I´m really looking forward to this next season! Some great performances and projects coming up! I already did a concert + recording with Nicola Hein and Michael Thieke in Berlin and played with Nicola Hein and Steve Beresford in Düsseldorf which was, obviously, an amazing way to start this season!!

Some of the concerts/projects coming up the next months:

  • sept 21st I´m playing with Pascal Niggenkemper and Philip Zoubek in Wuppertal at ORT (Peter Kohwald his place)
  • sept 26th together with Nicola Hein, Matthias Muche, Eve Risser and Kaja Draksler at LOFT, Cologne
  • oct 27th Stefan Schönegg ENSO in Konstanz
  • oct 29th till nov 6th Sebastian Gramss his new project ´States of Play´ . Several concerts in Germany + recording w/ Rudi Mahall, Valentin Garvie, Pierre Borel, Christian Ramond, Tobias Hoffmann, Dominic Mahnig, Philip Zoubek and Sebastian Gramss.
  • dec 1st with Christian Meaas Svendsen, Salim Javaid and Marlies DeBacker at ON Cologne
  • dec 6th playing with Georg Wissel and Dusica Cajlan in this amazing church, St. Peter in Cologne
  • dec 10th playing with Norbert Stein at the CONTAINERKLANG festival in Artheater/ Cologne
  • dec 11th with Anna Webber, Nicola Hein and Elisabeth Fügemann at LOFT/ Cologne
  • dec 15th recording at DLF with Udo Moll for his project ´ENIAC GIRLS´


MONO ext. – KLANKBEELDJE out now on impakt!!


My album together with the amazing Cao Thanh Lan is out on IMPAKT!!!

I´m really happy and proud of this record and the music we´ve created! It is the first one that came out as my own project! So I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

download or listen to the digital album (high quality WAV. 24 bit) here:


CD´s you can get at our concerts or contact me (only 30 copies, numbered and serigraphy cover)


Cao Thanh Lan      –     extended piano

Etienne Nillesen    –     extended snare drum


new year/ upcoming concerts


Here are some of my upcoming concerts….

  • January 13th w/ Norbert Stein PATA Messengers (Norbert Stein, Philip Zoubek, Joscha Oetz) in Dortmund/ domicil
  • January 14th w/ WISSEL | CAJLAN | NILLESEN in Köln (STADTGARTEN)/ winterjazz
  • January 20th w/ Sebastian Gramss ´FOSSILE3 (Sebastian Gramss, Rudi Mahall) in Essen/ Joe Festival
  • January 21th w/ Sabine Akiko Ahrendt/ Florian Zwissler/ Etienne Nillesen, lunchconcert 13h | Sankt Peter in Köln
  • January 21th w/ Norbert Stein duo in Nohn | Faber Ludens 20h
  • January 26th SOLO in Amsterdam. Livingroom concert at Kaja Draksler her place.

Very exciting projects


After some amazing concerts with Kaja Draksler, Matthias Muche, Matiss Cudars, Georg Wissel, Jasper Stadhouders, Tobias Klein, Robert van Heumen, Anne La Berge, Brad Henkel, Audrey Chen and many others, I am really looking forward to the next concerts coming up!!!!

*A duo with the amazing Lan Cao (prepared piano) where we worked on pieces by Helmut Lachenmann, Georges Aperghis and Peter Ablinger + some concepts of our own. All pieces are played on prepared piano and prepared snare drum.

We will do a live recording of the concert at loft, cologne on december 17th, 20:30h

*Cajlan/Wissel/Nillesen will play at the winterjazz festival in Cologne on January 14th at Stadtgarten

*Sabine Akiko Ahrend/ Florian Zwissler/ Etienne Nillesen at Sankt Peter Köln on January 21st, 13:00h

*I will play a solo concert at Kaja Draksler her place in Amsterdam on January 26th

Besides these concerts I will play with Norbert Stein in duo and with his quartet in several locations in Germany and Italy in 2017.

With Sebastian Gramss’FOSSILE3  we have recorded a new album which will be released in 2017 which means a tour with FOSSILE3 is planned for next year.

I will try to keep my website more up to date and if you have questions feel free to leave me a message!