I am very excited for the upcoming concerts and performances the next couple of months (end of August till mid December)!

Amazing projects with T.ON (w/ Matthias Muche and Constantin Herzog), ENSO (w/ Judith Hamann, Stefan Schönegg, Toma Gouband, Kari Rønnekleiv, Michael Thieke, Leonhard Huhn, Nathan Bontrager, Sandra Weiss), Fossile 3 (w/ Rudi Mahall and Sebastian Gramss), Cloud Chamber (Emilio Gordoa, Ignaz Schick, Carl Ludwig Hübsch, Billiana Voutchkova, Elisabeth Coudoux, Achim Zepezauer and Florian Walter), BONECRUSHER (w/ Matthias Muche, Matthias Müller, Daniel Riegler, Anke Lucks, Moritz Anthes, Adrian Prost, Maximilian Wehner, Matthias Schuller, Till Künkler, Moritz Wesp and Rie Watanabe), EMISZATETT (w/ Elisabeth Coudoux, Philip Zoubek, Robert Landfermann and Matthias Muche), DUO with ZOE EFSTATHIOU and more SOLO concerts coming up.

I will keep you up to date about these projects (dates, venues, cities etc.) here and on my facebook and instagram sites.

But first there are two concerts coming up the next two weeks with PHONORAMA music & drawings. A project with Georg Wissel (prep. alto sax), Dusica Cajlan (extended piano) and Anna Lytton (animated drawings). We already played some performances before the summer but luckily we have some concerts left.

20.08.21 – 20:00 – Saxstall, Pohrsdorf/Tharandt

27.08.21 – 20:00 – Alte Feuerwache Köln (Saal)

PHONORAMA combines the astonishing richness of sound of the trio CAJLAN-WISSEL-NILLESEN with the clear drawing world of the artist Anna Lytton in an audio-visual concert experience.
The protagonists complement, comment on and inspire each other by means of free improvisations and associations.
Projected through a transparent screen, animated drawings and sound merge into a joint ephemeral work that opens up new perspectives.

These concerts are funded by
-Musikfonds e.V. mit Projektmitteln der Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien im Rahmen des Sonderprogramms Neustart Kultur,
-Kunststiftung NRW
-Kulturamt der Stadt Köln



In November 2020, stuck in cologne, Elisabeth composed this pieces – more close to her own intuition. These ideas are a direct result of a conceptual processes that matured over the span of many years, shaped by the individual sound and the personalities of the musicians involved. 12 short sonic islands teem with abstract, experimental sounds that don’t shy away from melody or formal play. EARIS – The ear behind the iris – the idea of seeing without words, of forming a musical poem from the inner emotional landscape, which needs no words.

Pegelia Gold – Voice
Elisabeth Coudoux – Violoncello
Matthias Muche – Trombone
Robert Landfermann – Double bass, Electric bass
Philip Zoubek – Prepared piano, Synthesizer
Etienne Nillesen – Extended snare drum


released May 14, 2021

All compositions by Elisabeth Coudoux (GEMA)
Recorded December 2020 at Fattoria Musica, Osnabrück
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Jonophon Aufnahmen
Additional mixing by Ludwig Wandinger
Cover art and design by Markus Dorninger
Artwork in band picture by Eva Jeske
Photos by Johan Coudoux and Evelin Reinholz


Available here: https://impakt-koeln.bandcamp.com/album/emiszatett-earis

NUNC!4 at Northwestern, April 24th 2021


Happy to be a part of NUNC!4 this year at Northwestern – the first NUNC CALL FOR IMPROVISORS (curated by Katherine Young)

The streaming concert – available april 24th – features a solo improvisation of myself and music of some incredible colleages and musicians like Nick Dunston, Molly Jones, Julian Otis, Ben Zucker, Wilson Tanner Smith, SAVT (Merve Salgar, Canfeza Gündüz, Zeynep Ayşe Hatipoğlu) Jason Roebke, Ben LaMar, Josh Berman, Jessie Cox, Luis Fernando Amaya, Emily Beisel, Craig Davis Pinson, Ray Evanoff (Fat Pigeon) and Wilfrido Terrazas!

Check the performances here:


Debacker / Zwißler / Hübsch / Nillesen – live at moers festival ’20


Dear friends,

A new release on IMPAKT Records: Debacker | Zwißler | Hübsch | Nillesen “Live at mœrs festival ’20” with Marlies Debacker (Piano, Clavinet), Florian Zwißler (Synthesizer), Carl Ludwig Hübsch (Tuba, Objects) and myself (Snare Drum).

Available on CD (E-Mail me or check http://www.impaktrecords.de) and on all digital channels (eg Spotify or Youtube).

“Improvised music dressed as contemporary electronic music!
The musicians use their instrument as a pseudo-electronic sound generator that is “regulated” rather than played. Gradual changes in textures, frequencies and patterns create a multitude of subtle microtonal beatings, rhythmically complex structures and seemingly endless layers of glissandi – in this way, an extraterrestrial soundscape with its own poetry is created.
Nevertheless, the music is always spontaneous and does not back away from everyday sounds, speech and emotional outbursts.
The constellation of prepared tuba, extended snare drum, analogue synth, piano and clavinet creates a kind of “meta-instrument” that enables a complex and versatile orchestration.
Together, the musicians explore the architecture of the music, create sculptures and manipulate them.”



We are working hard on the next T.ON project that is coming up! We have some amazing people that each make a piece for us to play (with). The pieces are recorded beforehand and will be used as a tape that is played through extra horns connected to our instruments with tubes + the use of talkboxes and transducers. We will perform the pieces later this year in, at least, 4 different churches in NRW, Germany, designed by the architect Gottfried Böhm.

All concerts will be recorded and the music that comes out of that will be released as our 2nd album!

The pieces are improvisations and/or compositions by Sam Pluta, Madison Greenstone, Anne La Berge and Nate Wooley. Sam already made his piece (which sounds amazing) and the others will make theirs in the next couple of months. Very excited!

More on the exact concertdates soon!

T.ON / Matthias Muche, Constantin Herzog, Etienne Nillesen