New CD + Vinyl, Sebastian Gramss’ FOSSILE 3

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The new Sebastian Gramss’ FOSSILE 3 CD will be released August 30th 2013 on gligg records! On the cover some great artwork by Rudi Mahall’s wife! It will also be available on Vinyl to enjoy the artwork and music at it’s fullest.

Rudi Mahall – Bassclarinet
Sebastian Gramss – Doublebass / comp.
Etienne Nillesen – Drums
2011: Nominated for German Jazzaward
2012: SWR Jazzaward for Rudi Mahall
2013: ECHO 2013 „Bassplayer National“ Sebastian Gramss
In our world of cellular ring tones and telephone waiting queue melodies, this trio maintains a final contact to the inexhaustible energy reserves of the jazz tradition and gives these fossil fuels a cunning, new frame:

Short durations….the essentials in a nutshell.
Fossile3 is strongly influenced by the old shellac and single formats: Compact topics, small variations and compromised solos … short and sweet is the motto…
Rudi Mahall and Sebastian Gramss have been playing together for many years in different groups. The surprising Dutch drummer Etienne Nillesen makes up the final member of the trio.

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