Start of season 2013/2014

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Back from 4 weeks Sweden and Norway. I really fell in love with Norway! Hope to be back there soon!

But it’s also good to be back and start playing again. A very exciting year ahead of me with tours and concerts in China/ South Korea/ Mexico/ Cuba/ Bosnia/ Germany/ The Netherlands/ Belgium… with great musicians like Frank Gratkowski, Wolter Wierbos, Carl Ludwig Hübsch, Sebastian Gramss, Rudi Mahall, Rembrandt Frerichs, Jeroen van Vliet, Bram Stadhouders, Simin Tander, Ole Mofjell, Natalie Sandtorv, Philip Zoubek, Elisabeth Fügemann…….

Tomorrow I’m recording with Claudius Valk and Norbert Scholly, which is going to be very interesting with only guitar, saxophone and drums. But two amazing musicians which means great music!!! First concert with this trio is in Aachen on November 9th 2013 (details I will post in november on this page)


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