Cage & more


2016 just started but already some great things are happening!

There will be a recording with a great new trio that I’m really excited about. It’s with Philip Zoubek/ prep. piano, Stefan Schönegg/ double bass and I’m playing prep. snare drums.

I’m working on a piece by John Cage right now called ‘ 27’10.554″ for a percussionist’ played on 2 prepared snare drums. I want to play more composed (contemporary) music this year because there is so much amazing music out there that I love and I really want to grow as a player in that area! Composers like Cage, Tenney, Lucier but also younger not so well known composers. It is such a great source of information that also flows into my improvisations which, off course, is still my main focus.

End of February beginning of March I will be on tour with ‘Elisabeth Fügemann’s EMIßATETT’ in Germany. I really like the record we have made and it’s available on Schraum records! Elisabeth Fügemann/ cello, Robert Landfermann/ double bass, Matthias Muche/ trombone, Philip Zoubek/ prep.piano, Etienne Nillesen/ prep.snare drum.

This year there will also be a new record of ‘Sebastian Gramss FOSSILE 3’ with Sebastian Gramss/ double bass, Rudi Mahall/ clarinets, Etienne Nillesen/ drums.

I will try to keep this site more up to date with the concerts/ performances I play for everybody interested. Also check out IMPAKT, Cologne based collective for Improvised music for more concerts/ performances happening in and around Cologne!!

Have a great 2016!!