A small update about some very exciting projects that are happening the next couple of weeks:

January 25th and 26th I´m working with ´Ensemble Modern´ in Frankfurt am Main. The first two rehearsal days for the concerts we are going to do in July 2018… I´m very excited about working with this amazing ensemble! Ensemble Modern

Also, during the next weeks I´m recording with Carl Ludwig Hübsch some new music. Tuba and extended snare drum! Definitely one of my favorite players so that is going to be very nice! Carl Ludwig Hübsch

I´m working on some new material for the extended snare drum. During the next two months I will record my first solo album which will come out the second half of this year. It is going to be presented as a book with artwork by the amazing Eva Jeske, writings about music and the downloadcode for the music. The download will be available in the highest quality, high fidelity sound.

Apart from that I´m playing a concert that I am really looking forward to in Berlin on Febr 17th with Georg Wissel and Dusica Cajlan.  Exploratorium Berlin