Artwork ´video-sound-painting´ by Eva Jeske on exhibit now at The University of Chicago


Very excited and honoured to be part of this artwork!

I played a piece here which is based on an abstract painting of Eva Jeske (which you can see further down). I interpreted and read the painting as a graphic score. The painting which was used as a score for this piece was not meant to be a graphic score. It was “simply” a painting. But a different approach and interpretation shows a strong musical aspect of it. Some of those aspects are rhythm, density and time.

More information and thoughts about this artwork here: video-sound-painting.

You can see (and hear) this work till June 5th 2018 at the Regenstein Library, The University of Chicago.

Thanks to UChicago Arts for making this possible and ON Cologne for providing the room for the recording.


Eva Jeske uChicago 1Eva Jeske uChicago 2Eva Jeske uchicago 3

Original piece used as a graphic score: