ART.IS.∙ the music is available now!!


ART.IS.∙ the book + the music is available now!

You can get the book and/or the music HERE

Every book contains a downloadcode and I would recommend getting the book to get the full experience but you can also get the music only!

The music:

solo extended snare drum

The album is me playing to 8 different themes that are also interpreted visually by artist Eva Jeske in the ART.IS.∙ book. Every piece I’ve recorded can be seen/ heard like a little statue. The music doesn’t have a common musical form and for the most part doesn’t even have a development that you would expect in music. The music is very static. This creates the possibility to look/listen to it more deeply, see/hear it from different angles, walk around it with your ears, and discover different movements, layers, depth, colors, structures and details.