Debacker / Zwißler / Hübsch / Nillesen – live at moers festival ’20


Dear friends,

A new release on IMPAKT Records: Debacker | Zwißler | Hübsch | Nillesen “Live at mœrs festival ’20” with Marlies Debacker (Piano, Clavinet), Florian Zwißler (Synthesizer), Carl Ludwig Hübsch (Tuba, Objects) and myself (Snare Drum).

Available on CD (E-Mail me or check and on all digital channels (eg Spotify or Youtube).

“Improvised music dressed as contemporary electronic music!
The musicians use their instrument as a pseudo-electronic sound generator that is “regulated” rather than played. Gradual changes in textures, frequencies and patterns create a multitude of subtle microtonal beatings, rhythmically complex structures and seemingly endless layers of glissandi – in this way, an extraterrestrial soundscape with its own poetry is created.
Nevertheless, the music is always spontaneous and does not back away from everyday sounds, speech and emotional outbursts.
The constellation of prepared tuba, extended snare drum, analogue synth, piano and clavinet creates a kind of “meta-instrument” that enables a complex and versatile orchestration.
Together, the musicians explore the architecture of the music, create sculptures and manipulate them.”