N-LÖK Variations // live recording


October 14th 2021 – 8:30pm at LOFT COLOGNE

Ignaz Schick – turntables, sampler, comp
Elisabeth Coudoux – violoncello
Marlies Debacker – grand piano
Etienne Nillesen – snare drum, percussion
Melvyn Poore – tuba, preparations

At the beginning of 2021 Ignaz Schick received a Carte Blanche from Winterjazz to put together a desired line-up of Cologne musicians for the festival. On the occasion of this invitation he created N-LÖK Variations, a composition consisting of graphic score cards, which was written especially for this occasion and this instrumentation. For this, Schick uses his own specially developed drawing and notation language, which formally structures improvisation and sequences clearly, but is nevertheless open and permeable enough for the various performers to contribute their own sound material and design ideas. These graphic sheets are played in their sequence in an open form and combined with completely free improvised parts. All musicians involved are stylistically and technically very flexible and have developed their own individual long language, which they bring into the process.
The premiere concert was musically so fresh and exciting that now two versions of the piece will be played live in concert again.

Ignaz Schick, Elisabeth Coudoux, Marlies Debacker, Etienne Nillesen, Melvyn Poore, N-LÖK Variations, LOFT, live recording
© Cristina Marx


Produced by Zangi Music/Zarek Berlin in co-operation with LOFT Köln + initiated by Winterjazz 2021