New release on col-legno: Bonecrusher

Matthias Muche - Bonecrusher
BONECRUSHER plays music that ranges from sound-sculpture noise drones to walls-of-Jericho-collapsing blasts to delicate webs of air and tone, resonating overtones with layered articulations. Pushing the acoustic properties of the instrument and the physicality of the players to their limits and beyond, the musicians put their archaic contraption through the bone mill, pulverizing it, sublimating it, and breathing new life into it, all in the spirit of Vinko Globokar’s remark that a musical instrument is not a sacrosanct object, but merely an extension of the body.
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Matthias Muche, Matthias Müller, Daniel Riegler – trombones

Rie Watanabe & Etienne Nillesen – percussion

Trombone Ensemble feat. Anke Lucks, Moritz Anthes, Adrian Prost, Maximilian Wehner, Matthias Schuller, Till Künkler & Moritz Wesp.