Concerts with Nate Wooley, Marcus Schmickler, Emiszatett, Big ENSO and Bonecrusher


After a very spontanious and great concert of T.ON feat. Nate Wooley last week in Stadtgarten Cologne + a concert 2 days ago with Emiszatett + Pegelia Gold feat. Marcus Schmickler in Schorndorf, a lot of other interesting projects/concerts are coming up this week. First, we are in the studio now with Emiszatett, Pegelia Gold and Marcus Schmickler recording the next Emiszatett album! It is such a joy to play with these incredible musicians! After that I will travel to Berlin on wednesday to rehearse with Ignaz Schick, Achim Zepezauer and Florian Walter as part of Emilio Gordoa’s Cloud Chamber. Friday I willl play a concert with Stefan Schönegg BIG ENSO in Essen and after that a rehearsal + concert with Matthias Muche Bonecrusher is happening. In other words, Autumn couldn’t be better musically!

Nov 9th recording with Emiszatett + Pegelia Gold and Marcus Schmickler

Nov 12th Stefan Schönegg BIG ENSO, Essen (GER)

Nov 14th Matthias Muche BONECRUSHER, St. Gertrud Church, Cologne (GER)