new T.ON album / release concert + new snare drum!


I am excited to share some things that I have been working on the last months that are finally ready to hear and see!

First of all there is a new T.ON album that is released on March 20 2022 on Impakt Records.

T.ON plays La Berge | Greenstone | Pluta | Wooley and it is already available as a pre-release so if you are interested just follow this link:

I am really happy with the music that came out! We play pieces by and with Anne La Berge, Madison Greenstone, Sam Pluta and Nate Wooley.

The release concert will be on April 1st 2022, St. Gertrud Cologne and the week after that, April 10, we will play in Amsterdam at Splendor. At both concerts we will be joined by the amazing Anne La Berge!

As an extra to this release we had 4 videos made by the great artist Eva Jeske and you can check them out on T.ON’s YouTube channel:

(2 more videos will be uploaded in the coming week)


Another big thing that happened is that Adrian Kirchler (AK-drums) build me a new snare drum with all the extensions I dreamed of. I am so incredibly looking forward to start playing it!