“I will keep drawing circles until it becomes a picture”. Performance on May 28th in Cologne.


A collaboration between Viola Yip & Etienne Nillesen

“i will keep drawing circles until it becomes a picture” is an installative composition and performance for an electronically augmented snare drum and spatially distributed quadraphonic snare drum speakers.

The sound artist Viola Yip develops new instruments and new musical interfaces that give rise to new forms of music. In some projects she develops these instruments for herself as a performer. In other projects, she develops conceptual compositions and instruments for other musicians to perform unusual relationships between media, materiality, space and their musical bodies.

Percussionist Etienne Nillesen has long been developing the sonic materiality between his snare drum and preparations of the same, as well as the resonant properties of the resulting system, realising them in his improvisations and compositions.
In this collaboration, Nillesen and Yip develop a performative installation that aims to expand musical possibilities through the development of electronic extensions of the snare drum. With this piece, they question how a snare drum can become an interface for acoustic and electronic sounds, blurring the line between these two seemingly opposing sound worlds.

Concert on May 28th 2022, Kunst-Station Sankt Peter in Cologne/ 8pm
*** Admission Free! ***

Supported by Musikfonds e.V. with project funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media as part of the special programme Neustart Kultur.

Artwork by Eva Jeske, http://www.evajeske.com