Cooperation with visual artist Eva Jeske

First work on exhibit June 2018 at The University of Chicago, Regenstein Library


Perception (Shift) III
Inc on paper with digital photo frame and headphones.

In this work Etienne Nillesen and Eva Jeske create different perceptions of music as well as visual art. The recipient can choose to only see the movement of the musician or listen to it as well as having the choice of listening to the painting or looking at it.

Etienne Nillesen plays a piece Perception (shift) II on extended snare drum which is based on an abstract painting of Eva Jeske (Perception (shift) I. He interprets and reads the painting as a graphic score.
The painting which was used as a score for this piece was not meant to be a graphic score. It was “simply” a painting. But a different approach and interpretation shows a strong musical aspect of it. Some of those aspects are rhythm, density and time. At the beginning the patterns are quite loose and irregular. There are negative spaces – the white parts, which can be seen equal to a musical pause – which are at “the beginning” quite long and frequent. This changes if you continue the movement of your eyes to the left. The patterns get denser, which reflects in the music, meaning more complex sounds, faster movements and less pauses.
Inspired by Perception (shift) II, Eva Jeske painted a second painting. In combination with the video, this became Perception (shift) III.

More information and thoughts about the artwork here: video-sound-painting

Perception (shift) II

Perception (shift) I


Perception (shift) III

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