September/ Oktober/ November 2020


Some very exciting concerts coming up!

September 20th: SOLO + w/ Elsa M’Bala, Paul Hübner, Hannes Siedl, Christoph Ogiermann, Oxana Omelchuk, Liz Kosack, Kamilya Jubran, Naoki Kikuchi and David Helbich in Frankfurt am Main (GER) at You Are Here!/ Palmgarten.[%7B%22mechanism%22%3A%22surface%22%2C%22surface%22%3A%22permalink%22%7D]%2C%22ref_notif_type%22%3Anull%7D

September 24th: w/ Maria Portugal (drums) and Sebastian Gramss (double bass) in Moers (GER)


October 8th: w/ Matthias Muche (trombone), Matthias Müller (trombone), Daniel Riegler (trombone), Rie Watanabe (grand casa) in Köln (GER) at Kunst-Station St. Peter.

October 10th: SOLO in Köln (GER), Beethoven Festival (due to covid-19 to be confirmed)

October 11th: SOLO in Eindhoven (NL) at Paviljoen Ongehoorde Muziek

October 16th: T.ON cd-release concert in Köln (GER) at Stadtgarten

October 17th: EMISZATETT in Wuppertal (GER) at Loch

October 28th: w/ Jonas Gerigk (double bass) and Elisabeth Coudoux (cello)

October 30th: w/ Frank Gratkowski (sax), Sebastian Müller (guitar) and Reza Askari (double bass) in Tilburg (NL) at Paradox

October 31st: w/ Frank Gratkowski (sax), Sebastian Müller (guitar) and Reza Askari (double bass) in Köln (GER) at Loft


November 2nd: Sebsatian Gramss’ STATES OF PLAY in Krefeld (w/ Valentin Garvie (Trumpet), Hayden Chisholm (Alt Sax), Shannon Barnet (Trombone), Miyama McQueen-Tokita (Microtonal Koto), Nicola Hein (Guitar, analog FX), Philip Zoubek (Prepared Piano, Moog), Sebastian Gramss (Double bass / Composition), Christian Lorenzen (Analog electronics, Moog, Wurlitzer), Dominik Mahnig (Schlagzeug , Percussion), Etienne Nillesen (Extended Snare Drum)

November 3rd: SOP in Mannheim

November 4th: SOP in Dortmund

November 5th: SOP in Saarbrücken

November 6th: SOP in Düsseldorf

November 7th: SOP in Köln

November 8th: SOP in Berlin

November 9th: SOP in Frankfurt am Main

November 25th: Cajlan/ Wissel/ Nillesen in München at Offene Ohren

T.ON plays Matthias Muche


Very excited about this record that will be released September 17th 2020 on IMPAKT records !!

T.ON plays Matthias Muche

T.ON is Matthias Muche – trombone, Constantin Herzog – double bass and myself -extended snare drum. The album has three pieces by Matthias Muche and was recorded april last year. Being part of this ensemble and recording this great music with two of my favorite musicians was absolutely amazing! This project means a lot to me and fortunately we are planning a lot more for the future! For example, there are several concerts coming up with T.ON this fall and we will record at least 4 of those concerts where we play all new material! More on that soon…

T.ON coverT.ON cover back

July 12th, 20h Koncertkirken Copenhagen


Really happy to travel to one of my favorite cities again to play a concert as part of the Copenhagen Jazz Festival!

VARI presents: KøKö (DE/DK)

KøKö is an exciting collaboration between the creative music scenes of Cologne and Copenhagen with several more concerts coming up in both cities. KøKö is initiated by VARI.

I am playing the first set that evening in a trio with Matthias Muche and Zoe Efstathiou. Playing with Matthias is always such a pleasure and he is just one of my favorite players to play with! With Zoe I will play together for the first time and I am really looking forward to that!

Line up:

  • First set:
  • Zoe Efstathiou – prepared piano
  • Etienne Nillesen – extended snare drum
  • Matthias Muche – trombone
  • ——————————
  • Second set:
  • Elisabeth Coudoux – cello
  • Nana Pi Aabo Larsen – saxophone
  • Asger Thomsen – double bass





New album EMISZATETT – PHYSIS is out now on Impakt Records !

Elisabeth Coudoux – Violoncello, Motor
Matthias Muche – Trombone
Robert Landfermann – Double bass
Philip Zoubek – Prepared piano, Synthesizer
Etienne Nillesen – Extended snare drum


released June 17, 2020

All compositions (1.,3.,7.) by Elisabeth Coudoux
Free improvisations by Emiszatett
Recorded September 2019 by Christian Heck
Mixed and mastered January 2020 by Robert Nacken
Cover art and design by Markus Dorninger


Concert @ Moers Festival 2020 Livestream ARTE.TV


Here is the concert I played yesterday at the Moers Festival 2020 with Marlies Debacker (piano), Carl Ludwig Hübsch (tuba) and Florian Zwissler (analog synth). Although I was sceptical at first to play without an audience on such a big festival it turned out to be an amazing experience! Thanks to the Moers Festival (staff, sound engineers, crew, volunteers etc.) and ARTE.TV, it felt like a real concert!

Debacker, Zwissler, Hübsch, Nillesen starts at 1:06:15




Saturday, May 30th, I am playing at the MOERS FESTIVAL 2020 w/ Marlies Debacker (piano), Florian Zwissler (analog synth) and Carl Ludwig Hübsch (tuba). I am really looking forward to play again at the MOERS Festival! Being able to do that in these weird times with these great musicians and friends is something special!

ARTE TV will be streaming the entire concert/ festival in their ‘super live stream’. You can see all concerts on the ARTE TV WEBSITE

Concert:  Saturday, May 30th, 15:30 (3:30pm)



I’ve spend a lot of time practicing the last couple of days and I’ve enjoyed it so much to spend time again exploring new sounds, tonality and micro-tonality on the snare drum.