Cajlan/Wissel/Nillesen + Anna Lytton

Musik die hören will / Music that wants to hear.

Amazing new short video by Anna Lytton!

Dušica Cajlan – prepared piano
Etienne Nillesen – extended snare drum
Georg Wissel – prepared alto sax

Mastering: Gerald Schauder

End of 2020 we have planned several concerts with this project. Anna will join Georg Wissel, Dusica Cajlan and me with live visuals/ drawings. Very excited to play with these amazing people again!

More information and tourdates of this project soon.



Three concerts with Axel Dörner and Sebastian Gramss in Germany + a workshop at the conservatory in Maastricht (NLD)


This weekend I am playing three concerts with Axel Dörner and Sebastian Gramss in Germany. Very excited to play with this trio!

  • January 24th Weikersheim / Club W71
  • January 25th München / Offene Ohren
  • January 26th Karlsruhe / Jazzclub Karlsruhe

After these concerts I will go to The Netherlands to give a workshop at the conservatory in Maastricht on Tuesday (January 28th). Looking forward working with the students there!

photo credits: Günter Horn



Solo set at Frim på Fylkingen, Stockholm! December 12th 2019


After three very intense but rewarding weeks, playing with EMISZATETT in Germany and Switzerland + a solo set, duo with Claudio Pena and a project with Sebastian Gramss, Rudi Mahall, Valentin Garvie, Ernesto Jodos and Martin de Lassaletta in Argentina, I am back home now for a few days.

Practicing a bit for my solo set at Frim på Fylkingen in Stockholm on December 12th!! Judith Hamann is playing the other solo set that evening.



Other concerts coming up in December:

  •  dec 2nd Essen (GER), NRW Soundtrips w/ Uwe Oberg, Silke Eberhard and Gunda Gottschalk.
  •  dec 6th Berlin (GER), AUFSTURZ w/ Sebastian Gramss and Rudi Mahall
  •  dec 7th Wuppertal (GER), LOCH w/ Sebastian Gramss, Rudi Mahall and Shannon Barnett
  •  dec 8th Aachen (GER) DUMONT, w/ Sebastian Gramss, Rudi Mahall and Shannon Barnett
  •  dec 12th Stockholm (SWE), Frim på Fylkingen, SOLO
  •  dec 17th Köln (GER) STADTGARTEN, w/ EMISZATETT
  •  dec 19th Köln (GER) LOFT, w/ Stefan Schönegg’s ENSO (CD release)
  •  dec 22nd Moers (GER) BOLLWERK 107, w/ Cloud Chamber (Emilio Gordoa, Carl Ludwig Hübsch, Ignaz Schick, Florian Walter, Elisabeth Coudoux, Achim Zepezauer and Etienne Nillesen)






Matthias Muche – trombone
Etienne Nillesen – extended snare drum
Philip Zoubek – prepared piano
Robert Landfermann – double bass
Elisabeth Coudoux – cello

  •  Nov 2nd LEICHT & SEELIG, Ladenburg (GER)
  •  Nov 3rd KUNSTHAUS TROISDORF, Troisdorf (GER)
  •  Nov 6th JOHANNESKIRCHE, Köln Brück (GER)
  •  Nov 7th THE LAB, Basel (CH)
  •  Nov 8th WIM, Zürich (CH)



currents/ Festival für aktuelle Tiefkultur


Already looking forward to our next performance of The Sound and The Unsound next week with Viola Yip, Nicola L. Hein and Eva Jeske!! This time at the ‘currents/ Festival für aktuelle Tiefkultur’

Oct 12th 2019 15-24h
Alte Feuerwache Köln
Free entrance

currents/ Infos
Installations start 15h:
Lucia Kilger/ Säulenraum
Ela Mergels/ ON-Büro
Zo-On Slows/ Treppenhaus
15:00 Frank Dommert/ Halle
16:00 Pascal Niggenkemper/ Großes Forum
17:00 The Sound and the Unsound/ Halle
19:30 Julia Bünnagel/ Großes Forum
20:30 Monopass/ Halle
21:30 Ensemble Pamplemousse/ Großes Forum
22:30 Steintechno (Akiko Ahrend & Dirk Rothbrust)/ Kleines Forum
23:30 Zo-On Slows/ Kleines Forum

facebook event

currents/ is an event by ON – Neue Musik Köln
supported by Stadt Köln, Ministerium für Kultur und Wissenschaft des Landes NRW and Musikfonds

currents/ Partner
Kaput – Magazin für Insolvenz & Pop/


ART.IS.∙ the music is available now!!


ART.IS.∙ the book + the music is available now!

You can get the book and/or the music HERE

Every book contains a downloadcode and I would recommend getting the book to get the full experience but you can also get the music only!

The music:

solo extended snare drum

The album is me playing to 8 different themes that are also interpreted visually by artist Eva Jeske in the ART.IS.∙ book. Every piece I’ve recorded can be seen/ heard like a little statue. The music doesn’t have a common musical form and for the most part doesn’t even have a development that you would expect in music. The music is very static. This creates the possibility to look/listen to it more deeply, see/hear it from different angles, walk around it with your ears, and discover different movements, layers, depth, colors, structures and details.