Tonight is the second concert of this little concertseries `PIANO TRIALOGUES` that I organized together with guitarist Nicola L. Hein at the Loft in Cologne, Germany.

Magda Mayas is our guest tonight! Super excited to play with her !


sept 13th                    EVE RISSER

nov 9th                       MAGDA MAYAS

dec 9th                       MARTA WARELIS



Last concerts before the summerbreak + some upcoming concerts in the new season


After some great performances the last couple of weeks with TONTRAEGER, ENSEMBLE MODERN, Sebastian Gramss, Rudi Mahall and Lotte Anker now two more concerts before the summerbreak.

The first concert is with Nicola Hein and Jennifer Walshe and the second one with Nicola Hein, Weston Olencki and Madison Greenstone. Both concerts will take place at the Darmstadt Summer Course. Looking forward spending two days in Darmstadt meeting so many inspiring musicians/ composers, listening to great concerts and really looking forward playing both concerts!

Darmstadt Summer Course 2018


Some upcoming concerts and projects after the summerbreak:

With Sebastian Gramss and Rudi Mahall in Indonesia (august 6th-11th 2018)

August 13th 2018, solo concert at the Rinzai Zen Senter, Oslo (Norway).

November 17th 2018, solo concert at the Kunst-Station St. Peter in Köln.

Also two new projects coming up that I´m really excited about!

Stefan Schönegg´s ENSO BIG ENSEMBLE w/ Stefan Schönegg, Leonhard Huhn, Nathan Bontrager, Rie Watanabe, Miako Klein, Elisabeth Coudoux and Michael Thieke.

Carl Ludwig Hübsch ART BLAU ENSEMBLE w/ Carl Ludwig Hübsch, Leonhard Huhn, Elisabeth Coudoux, Matthias Muche, Angelika Sheridan, Philip Zoubek, Constantin Herzog, Salim Javaid and Sabine Akiko Ahrendt. First concert, November 26th at loft, Köln

More concerts coming up the next couple of months with Norbert Stein, Tobias HoffmannNicola Hein, Eve Risser, Magda Mayas, Georg Wissel and Dusica Cajlan. 

Artwork ´video-sound-painting´ by Eva Jeske on exhibit now at The University of Chicago


Very excited and honoured to be part of this artwork!

I played a piece here which is based on an abstract painting of Eva Jeske (which you can see further down). I interpreted and read the painting as a graphic score. The painting which was used as a score for this piece was not meant to be a graphic score. It was “simply” a painting. But a different approach and interpretation shows a strong musical aspect of it. Some of those aspects are rhythm, density and time.

More information and thoughts about this artwork here: video-sound-painting.

You can see (and hear) this work till June 5th 2018 at the Regenstein Library, The University of Chicago.

Thanks to UChicago Arts for making this possible and ON Cologne for providing the room for the recording.


Eva Jeske uChicago 1Eva Jeske uChicago 2Eva Jeske uchicago 3

Original piece used as a graphic score:


Blurred Edges Festival, Hamburg (GER)


Getting ready for the blurred edges festival in Hamburg this weekend.

Playing with

Axel Dörner    –    trumpet

Ulrich Phillipp    –    double bass

Angelika Sheridan    –    flutes


Gunnar Lettow    –    prepared electric bass

Saturday, Mai 26th.

Looking forward playing with these amazing musicians at an amazing festival! Check out the program! Lot´s of great concerts!





A small update about some very exciting projects that are happening the next couple of weeks:

January 25th and 26th I´m working with ´Ensemble Modern´ in Frankfurt am Main. The first two rehearsal days for the concerts we are going to do in July 2018… I´m very excited about working with this amazing ensemble! Ensemble Modern

Also, during the next weeks I´m recording with Carl Ludwig Hübsch some new music. Tuba and extended snare drum! Definitely one of my favorite players so that is going to be very nice! Carl Ludwig Hübsch

I´m working on some new material for the extended snare drum. During the next two months I will record my first solo album which will come out the second half of this year. It is going to be presented as a book with artwork by the amazing Eva Jeske, writings about music and the downloadcode for the music. The download will be available in the highest quality, high fidelity sound.

Apart from that I´m playing a concert that I am really looking forward to in Berlin on Febr 17th with Georg Wissel and Dusica Cajlan.  Exploratorium Berlin





‘lingua franca’
tape composition and Improvising ensemble
premiere concert at Kunst-Station Sankt Peter, Cologne on December, 6th 2017
Dušica Cajlan – Wissel, prepared piano
Etienne Nillesen, extended snare drum
Georg Wissel, prepared altosax, composition
video by Basa Vujin – Stein

For about one year Georg recorded tongue-twisters in his home town Cologne and during his tours all over the world.
By layering, filtering particular frequencies and surgical procedures the sounding qualities of those tricky phrases serve as acoustic material for this electro-acoustic tape compostion ‘lingua franca’.
In the premiere concert trio CAJLAN-WISSEL-NILLESEN sublimely nests in the sound scape of ‘lingua franca’.


lingua franca from Georg Wissel on Vimeo.